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Regina Jacobs - Realtor, MBA

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315Homes Sold

14Avg Days on Market

300Sales Volume

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2017 Sales Section

This section is currently being updated, please check back shortly for a complete list of Regina’s 2017 sales

Regina’s expertise is unmatched in the east bay area. She reinvented our home in a short timeframe and sold it painlessly, obtaining multiple offers above our list price.

John & Shelly

2016 Sales Section

2016 Sales Section

4378 Arcadia Ave<br>Upper Oakmore – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $875,000
5052 Kearney Ave<br>Montclair – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $1,000,000
4455 Arcadia Ave<br>Upper Oakmore<br>Sold For $850,000
110 Woodland Way<br>Piedmont – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $2,700,000
6421 Aspinwall Rd<br>Montclair<br>Sold For $1,350,000
3800 Linwood Ave.<br>Glenview<br>Sold For $895,000
233 Estates Dr<br>Piedmont – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $2,475,000
3260 Hannah St<br>Nobe – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $850,000
4633 Park Blvd<br>Glenview – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $1,250,000
2700 Carisbrook Dr.<br>Piedmont Pines<br>Sold For $1,035,000
2830 Mabel St.<br>South Berkeley<br>$729,000
3959 Whittle Ave.<br>Upper Dimond<br>Sold For $875,000
3384 Lyman Rd.<br>Upper Dimond<br>$850,000
3923 Fruitvale Ave.<br>Upper Dimond<br>Sold For $850,000
1951 Oakview Dr.<br>Oakmore<br>Sold For $1,300,000
59 Melvin Ct.<br>Upper Oakmore<br>Sold For $1,175,000
711 Walker Ave #101<br>Grand Lake<br>Sold For $800,000
604 Masonic Ave.<br>Albany<br>Sold For $875,000

Regina did what two other Realtor’s failed to do…sell our house! She magically did it in 15 days and the transaction was seamless. Her communication was impeccable and that was key for us.

Bob & Greg

2015 Sales Section

6421 Aspinwall Rd<br>Montclair – Represented Buyer<br>Sold For $965,000
2178 Braemar Rd<br>Upper Oakmore<br>Sold For $875,000
296 Jayne Ave*<br>Grand Lake<br>Sold For $981,000
2972 California St<br>Laurel<br>Sold For $750,000

Regina’s sales record made hiring her a no-brainer. She nailed the marketing. It was creative and gave our home tons of exposure. In a tough market we had 5 offers after two Sunday open houses! But equally as important to us, she was sensitive to our family’s needs during the sale.

Nic & Silla

2014 Sales Section

We were buying and moving to the East Coast. We had to be sure our home would sell quickly and for top market price. Regina got it done and also took great care of us.

Rick & Leigh

2013 Sales Section